Side Chairs

Written by Serena Berger
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Side chairs are any variety of armless chairs. They are so named because of the relative ease of putting them side-by-side, or on the sides of a table. In fact, their most common use is as dining chairs.

In their capacity as dining chairs, there are many possibilities for design of side chairs. Some are simple, with a lightly curved seat and back, unadorned except for the natural beauty of their wood. Others are upholstered on the seat or back with fabrics such as brocade, velvet, cotton, or twill.

Side Chairs in Many Settings

Side chairs can also be used as kitchen seating. In addition to being convenient and attractive, they offer flexibility if additional seating is needed for a large party. A few extra side chairs moved from the kitchen to the dining room can allow the entire family to gather for a special occasion.

While kitchen and dining room design is the most likely to incorporate side chairs, you shouldn't feel limited. Side chairs in entryways, foyers, or dressing areas, as well as outdoors on a patio, can be lovely options. Searching the Internet should give you some design ideas and options that fit your style and price range.

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