Sleigh Beds

Written by Sierra Rein
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A sleigh bed is built with a tall outwardly sloping footboard and an equally rolling headboard. Not surprisingly, it resembles the classic look of a horse-drawn sleigh. They are considered extremely classy and sophisticated pieces of furniture, and can be made of wood or wrought iron.

The Origin of Sleigh Beds

Although the term "sleigh bed" initially brings about the image of a Victorian children's toy, the general shape has been found in ancient Roman and Greek furniture. Chaises and backless couches with high armrests were also common in 18th and 19th century France and Italy. Antique sleigh beds can fetch amazing prices at furniture auctions, road shows, and collectors' shops and are considered extremely fashionable bedding units.

Some sleigh beds include side walls to enclose the mattress even further. These walls can create an even more intimate and sheltered sleeping experience. They can also provide much-needed safety railings for young children who are just getting used to sleeping in a larger bed.

Indeed, many sleigh beds are specifically designed with children in mind. A few specialized models are built to help a toddler make the transfer from his or her crib to a twin or fully sized bed as smoothly as possible. These beds are typically bought in conjunction with pre-existing cribs and often utilize the same mattress.

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