Swivel Bar Stools

Written by Serena Berger
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Swivel bar stool are perfect for a casual at-home bar atmosphere. Some swivel bar stools are reminiscent of a diner or funky old-fashioned restaurant/bar. Others have a very mod look. Still others are simple and sophisticated.

Swivel bar stools are fun and convenient. Often the seats are padded for extra comfort. Furthermore, the materials are often easily washable, for added convenience. They can be moved around the room as your seating requirements change, too. It's a good idea to have extra stools stored away for parties, get-togethers, or other occasions when extra seating may be needed.

Specs for Swivel Bar Stools

As with most bar stools, there are typically different heights and widths of swivel bar stools. 24 inch and 30 inch heights are usually both available. The higher bar stools go best with pub tables or at a higher bar. The smaller stools work better if you have children in the family--higher stools may be dangerous for them.

Swivel bar stools can also be moved away from a bar and used as seating in any area during entertaining. They make for easier conversation, and are still more comfortable than standing. A search online will yield the multitude of possibilities in swivel bar stools.

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