Table Lamps

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are two main functions that table lamps perform. The first is to provide task lighting, meaning they illuminate an area where a specific job is to be accomplished. These jobs can include cooking, reading, writing, and crafts; once the task has been finished, the lamp can be switched off.

The second function for table lamps is to provide accent lighting, or lighting designed for decorative purposes. Most accent lamps of this nature are smaller than normal and have decorative shades that cast a lovely glow when turned on. These are usually purchased to either contrast or complement an already existing color scheme, and can make quite a unique and stylish statement. In order to add further lighting options, some accent table lamps are built with three-way switches and three-way bulbs as well.

Specific Types of Table Lamps

Table lamps come in many different sizes and shapes and can be fitted with a number of unique fixture settings. One can go with a classic Tiffany glass table lamp or a functional yet fun children's lamp for the little one's bedroom. Never place breakable lamps in a kid's room and always make sure the lamps are carefully plugged into the wall before turning them on.

When choosing a table lamp, consider how much light you wish to get out of it. To find the exact match to your needs, discover a balance between the lamp size, shade type, decor style, and bulb wattage. Task lighting typically demands 150-watt bulbs, while accent lighting usually requires 60-watt bulbs.

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