Theater Recliners

Written by Liza Hartung
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The only theater recliners that most of us know of are the seats that kind of move back as you lean on them. They do not exactly recline, per se, but have a bit of a give that can be quite comforting. However, if you are looking for full recliners, with the seat bottom that comes up to be a footrest, you are in luck. You won't find these in regular movie theaters, but you can certainly get them for your home theater.

Movie Watching in Theater Recliners

For those who have never watched a movie in a recliner, you are missing out. Now, I'm not talking about you renting a movie, popping it in your DVD player, sitting in front of your 27-inch screen and leaning back in your ten-year-old recliner. That does not count. I'm talking about the full movie experience in a recliner. It's as if you were in a movie theater, but sitting in a luxury recliner.

Imagine, the big screen, a dark, soundproof room, surround sound, stadium seating and a leather recliner with cup holders. What better movie watching experience can you think of? For me, this is pretty much the top. This is the perfect way to watch a movie. You are comfortable, but don't fall asleep. Theater recliners are wonderful.

I find that when I watch a movie on a couch, I either fall asleep, or have a hard time getting comfortable. I end up lying on my side and watching the movie that way. Watching an entire movie with your head tilted to one side isn't the best thing. Then, I'd get tired and fall asleep or want to roll over. However, if I roll over, I'm facing the back of the couch. So, I switch sides completely and the whole process begins again. With theater recliners, however, none of this is ever a problem.

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