Theater Seats

Written by Liza Hartung
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The kind of theater seats that you have in your home theater will determine the experience you and your guests have. Obviously, if the picture has bad tracking or the sound is off, that can affect it, too. However, seats and make or break a time at the movies. I remember a movie I saw once. The seats were fine, but they smelled a bit. This completely took me out of the movie.

I, like many people I know, will choose a movie theater based on the seating. There is a little theater by me that I love. It is so great because not a lot of people know about it and because it has stadium seating. The theater seats have headrests on the nice, tall seats, and the armrests go up. If a movie I want to see is not playing there, I will skip the other local one that has no stadium seating in favor of one that does.

Movies are long. They are around two hours. No one wants to be uncomfortable for two hours. Movies also want you to enroll in their story. And we want to do the same. We want to get involved with the characters and what is happening to them. We want to root for the good guys and scream at the bad guys. How can we do this if we are constantly trying to get comfortable in our seat?

Theater Seats for the Best Movie Experience

Even the most basic movie seat will add to the experience. By this, I mean a short woven seat with no headrest and two stationary armrests with cup holders. I have seen many movies with this kind of setup. Sure, I prefer taller seats and stadium seating, but this has never taken me away from the movie. However, if you really want to give someone a great time, get some luxury theater seats.

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