Theater Style Seating

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you want to make the most of your home theater, you will need great theater style seating. At its most basic, this means chairs facing a screen. A couple of pillows and beanbags thrown on the floor are not exactly theater seating. Of course, if you happen to have more guests than seats, feel free to have pillows and beanbags on hand for such occasions.

Theater style seating, however, goes way beyond just seats in front of a screen. You can get chairs just like the ones you sit in when you go to the movies. Actually, you can get much better seats. If you always frequent the same theater and dislike the seats because they do not have adequate headrests, you can remedy that in your own home theatre. Get seats with high backs, or with pillow headrests.

If you like, and I suggest it, go ahead and get stadium seating in your home theater. We all know how much we love stadium seating. Many of us will drive extra miles to find a theater with such convenient and spacious seating. It is horrible to sit and watch a movie where the person's head in front of you takes up most of the screen.

Theater Style Seating at its Best

When you really want to go all out, get loungers and stadium seating. Loungers are the ultimate in movie watching luxury. They recline and are usually made of leather. The better products use very sturdy wood and their manufacturers will guarantee them for years and years. Theater style seating is the way to go for the best possible movie experience.

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