Tray Tables

Written by Serena Berger
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Tray tables have a unique place in our culture and in our homes. Their versatility as pieces which do not have to be permanently in the room makes them an opportunity for stylistic expression. While some tray tables are simple folding tables that open up to a flat surface, others are pieces of fine furniture.

Many Times for Tray Tables

Watching the game on Sunday afternoon with some friends, a tray table is perfect to bring out for chips and salsa. For family movie night, tray tables are perfect for chips and popcorn so you don't have to keep interrupting the movie with, "Please pass the snacks." And of course, if you happen to be home alone watching TV with dinner, a tray table may be just the place to put it while you sit in your favorite chair.

Tray tables can also be upscale furniture items, brought out for cocktail or holiday parties. A butler's tray table can be a true classic, an heirloom that will become a valuable antique. These tray tables do not just have a flat surface, but have a raised edge around the surface, which can be quite ornate.

A tray table can fold up so neatly that it can slide easily into the side of a closet. If you want to keep open space in a room but also want the option of having a table for food or work, tray tables are the way to go. The Internet should provide you with many options and design ideas.

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