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Unfinished Pine Furniture

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Create Your Own Furniture

Unfinished pine furniture can turn your furniture dreams into a reality. Often times, shopping for furniture can be discouraging. You may find the piece of your dreams and realize that spending four thousand dollars is ridiculous; else what you're looking for just doesn't seem to exist.

At this stage many people turn to unfinished pine furniture. By choosing to buy your furniture unfinished you have several luxuries not otherwise found in traditional furniture stores. You can choose to stain your armoire a dark mahogany finish or leave it natural with just a light coat of varnish.

Affordable Unfinished Pine Furniture

Assuming this step in the project yourself may cut down the cost of the furniture. Where you could have purchased a fully stained piece at a traditional store for $800, you may find something similar unfinished for $600. In case you were wondering, a can of stain won't cost you $200.

You may also find a wider variety of styles in an unfinished furniture store. Wood smiths tend to be more creative when they aren't making bulk quantities of furniture. If unique is what you're looking for, you may find it in an unfinished version.

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