Unique Coffee Tables

Written by Charles Peacock
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Unique coffee tables aren't hard to find--if you know where to look. To grab something truly unique, your best bet is to avoid the stores everyone else is shopping at, and use resources like design magazines and websites to find out what's truly cutting edge. Ordering something from a design house may be more difficult than driving to your local furniture store, but it's the only way to find something that no one else has.

What Unique Coffee Tables Can Offer

The most amazing coffee tables on the market are ones that I have yet to see in anyone's home or office. They are "illuminating tables" (they actually have built in lights and are able to glow) and the only place I've even heard of that has something like this is an ultra-trendy Philadelphia restaurant. Illuminating tables are more than just a conversation piece--they can really add a unique look to your home or office because of their amazing illuminative properties.

While it's hard to find unique coffee tables that top the illuminating tables, there are plenty of modern designs out there that will turn anyone's head. I particularly like tables that combine exotic materials, like space-age polymers and metal alloys. There's something about having a furniture piece made of materials you can find anywhere else that gives you a real feeling of exclusivity.

Unique coffee tables are a great place to start when putting together a designer room. Since your coffee table is often the literal centerpiece of the room, it's useful to buy that piece first and build the room around it. And don't worry--if you choose an illuminated table, you'll be happy to learn that you can still accessorize with illuminating chairs and sculptures!

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