Unique Home Furnishings

Written by Charles Peacock
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Unique home furnishings aren't always easy to find. Many people don't put a lot of thought into home decor, so what you find at the most popular shops (and even garage sales) reflects a relatively bland sense of style. In addition, if you're buying the same pieces that everyone else is buying, you'll have a tough time calling them "unique."

Finding Unique Home Furnishings

The first rule if you're trying to find unique home furnishings is to avoid (at all costs) furniture chains and big retailers. With very few exceptions, the stuff they're selling is already in millions of other homes, and has been dumbed down and rounded off to destroy any lasting sense of originality. But where else should you look?

Boutique shops are one of the best places to find unique home furnishings. They are generally more expensive, but they are also run by people whose business it is to find well designed, unique furniture. Boutique shops only survive because of their ability to find desirable small-production items that big retailers can't (and won't) carry.

The Internet is useful because it allows you to find designers and boutiques that might be outside of your local driving range. You're also no longer limited to viewing items carried at your local shop--you can actually visit the website of a design house you particularly like, to see what other kinds of products they offer. If you find something you like on a website, you can try to order it directly, or have your local furniture shop order it for you.

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