Wall Units

Written by Sierra Rein
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In furniture terms, a wall unit is any large piece of furniture designed to house a vast array of possessions. Commonly referred to as "entertainment centers," wall units can provide shelves, drawers, TV stands, curios, CD/DVD and VHS racks, and mini-bar holders. The choice is up to the customer as to what size and which permutation of storage options he needs for his particular lifestyle.

For example, if an individual is looking to create the ultimate entertainment center, he may wish to purchase a wall unit that provides a sturdy center shelf large enough to hold the ideal TV. He should also make sure he has surrounding shelving units capable of storing all VHS, DVD, MPG and CD players, and video game consoles, as well as strategic areas to place the speakers. He should also make sure that he has plenty of room to store his CDs, VHSs, games, and DVDs.

The biggest mistakes most people make when purchasing wall units are failing to take into account all the necessary functional capacities they may need and not measuring their rooms for the proper fit. For example, in order to connect all consoles and machines to the TV, the aforementioned entertainment center must either be backless or should provide cutout holes in the shelves. In addition, most people do not consider that--once opened--built-in doors and drawers can often bump into other doors, furniture, and people and cause accidents.

Expandable Wall Units Grow with You

Another mistake a person might make is to buy a unit that is exactly suited for his or her storage needs, without thinking of the purchases of tomorrow. To prepare for this, a few manufacturers have created expandable wall units that provide more shelving versatility once the demand arises. A few are even designed with a central, upper bridge unit connecting two moveable shelves; one can then roll a separate TV stand into the center or continue adding shelves until all possible slots are filled.

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