Wassily Chairs

Written by Sarah Provost
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Wassily chairs are the product of the brilliant mind of Marcel Lajos Breuer. Breuer was born in Hungary in 1902 and began his studies in Vienna, but soon transferred to Germany's Bauhaus, where his ideas were well received. After his graduation, he became head of the carpentry studio there.

Breuer helped to develop modular construction of furniture. Simple components were assembled to make complex designs, much like the assembly line process that was being developed in America. He was also one of the pioneers in using "commercial" materials in his furniture. Breuer's designs were considered "democratic" because he could produce excellent quality at an affordable price.

The original Wassily chair was inspired by a set of bicycle handlebars. Breuer designed it for his friend, the painter Wassily Kandinski. The original frame was made of tubular steel, nickled at first and later chrome plated. The seat was made in canvas, leather or fabric.

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Breuer's innovative design was immediately popular, and has continued to grow in popularity. By the 1970s, Wassily chairs were more in demand than when they had first been produced. High-quality reproductions of Wassily chairs are readily available from Internet sites in Europe and America. The original was only produced in black, but today you can customize to suit your pleasure. This airy, playful design is conceptually brilliant and, just as important, one of the most comfortable chairs you'll ever sit in.

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