Wicker Porch Furniture

Written by Serena Berger
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Wicker porch furniture is, for those who have it, virtually inseparable from the idea of summer. Sitting on the porch, looking out at the beach or at children playing on the lawn, while sipping lemonade is one of the quintessentially American images. Wicker porch furniture completes that picture.

Whether it's a white wicker couch with cushions or a little end table to put your drink on, wicker porch furniture is light, lovely, and versatile. It is also surprisingly strong. Even a 1/16" inch reed can be woven into a sofa strong enough for three.

Wicker can be dyed or finished any color. Many people prefer white, or a very light beige, as those seem the most summery; but furniture makers offer wicker in other colors if you want to complement a design scheme in your favorite hues. There are also a variety of weave patterns, from a very simple basket weave to innovative patterns particular to a designer.

The Ease of Wicker Porch Furniture Care

While most porches are not exposed to the elements, it is reassuring to know that wicker will withstand and be unharmed by rain. If your wicker porch furniture does get wet, just make sure that you don't sit on it or stretch it in any way until it dries. If you leave it to dry naturally, the color, pattern, and strength will remain in their optimal condition. You can also wash wicker easily with mild soapy water.

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