Wooden Coffee Tables

Written by Sierra Rein
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A wooden coffee table is a staple to millions of homes and businesses around the world. They are designed to add a stylish and functional serving area for drinks and appetizers as well as a place to put various knickknacks, photos, candles, and other objects on. They can be long and rectangular, circular, or oval in shape, and can be found in a variety of heights, wood finishes, and painted colors.

Some wooden coffee tables offer more than just a spacious upper layer on which to set things. Many are built as large, stylish trunks that are perfect for storing extra pillows, blankets, DVDs, videos or other items. Others have a lower shelf underneath the upper layer to store remotes, TV guides, magazines, and coasters.

In addition, a few wooden coffee tables are designed to match with specialized ottoman seats. These seats can be stored directly underneath the coffee table and brought out whenever guests come over for tea or the big game. Many coffee tables also include dresser drawers built into them, and can often be purchased with glass tops and extremely decorative carved frames.

Tips to Cut Costs While Buying Wooden Coffee Tables

Handmade wooden coffee tables will probably cost more than those made by machines. Buying a coffee table as part of a larger living room set can also help you save money. If you are handy with your hands, you can also choose to purchase a rustic, unfinished wood coffee table and stain or paint it in your own favorite color.

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