Wooden High Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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For children, wooden high chairs are a part of growing up. Parents use high chairs to bring their babies and toddlers up to adult eating height to make feeding time easier. Once the child is large enough to sit in a regular chair, the high chair is usually donated or sold to a used furniture store or given to the next family that needs it.

Wooden high chairs for adults are designed for what is called "counter height dining." This type of dining requires a bar or elevated table placed about 54 inches from the ground. The wooden high chairs are elevated to match a good seating level with these dining areas.

Restaurants, clubs, and coffee houses often use wooden high chairs and stools to offer alternative seating arrangements to their customers. However, these chairs are not just designed for professional businesses. Apartment and homeowners can also purchase wooden high chairs for their own living and dining rooms through furniture stores and online shopping sites.

Checklist for Buying Wooden High Chairs

When purchasing high chairs made of wood, it is especially important to consider the strength of the wood itself as well as the color. High chairs should have strong, sturdy legs that are reinforced under the seat with metal or extra-strength wood brackets. For extra comfort, the seats should be upholstered and the legs should be fitted with an extra foot rung to keep pressure off the thighs.

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