Angel Water Fountains

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Angel water fountains beautify a garden, and anything that beautifies a garden draws people to it. Many people who have attractive garden spaces never spend any time relaxing in those spaces. They maintain their flowers, pull weeds, and plant vegetables, but they never spend time simply enjoying the space. Enchanting details like angel water fountains can make your garden a place where you want to sit, relax, and enjoy the calmness, not just a place you visit to work.

Angel Water Fountains and Your Special Spot

Organize your garden decor in such a way that the garden is broken into separate areas, the way indoor areas are so often decorated. For instance, in a living room, you may have one section for watching television, another section for conversing, and another section for playing board games or doing puzzles. You set the furniture up to meet each need.

If you treat your outdoor garden like an indoor room, you'll get a lot more use out of it. For instance, you can set up one area of your garden for dining, one area for swinging or gliding, and one area simply for meditating. The meditation needn't be formal. Simply sitting in one place, enjoying the sounds of your water fountain while quietly admiring the surrounding beauty is enough.

Melodious elements, like angel or cherub fountains, make sitting in your garden a profound sensory experience. This isn't simply a spot of visual beauty. This is a wonderful space of sound, scent and sight. The sounds of running water are among the most soothing, peaceful sounds in the world.

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