Aquascape Designs

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Aquascape designs range from big and elaborate to small and simple. Besides size and scope, focus can also define designs. For example, some water gardens emphasize color, with an abundance of tropical lilies and brilliant flower varieties. Others make tall marsh grasses the star, with a heavy usage of reeds and cattails. Bamboo is a popular choice for aquascapes as well. Its lovely deep green color and straight, steadfast shape lend a special serenity to any garden.

More than anything, aquascape designs should be compatible with your own tastes. Use your imagination! There's no need to settle for predetermined ideas of what a water garden should look like. If you don't like flowers, no one says you must include them in your water garden. Lovely, minimalist aquascapes can be designed with just water and stones. If you love roses but you've never seen them in an aquascape, there's nothing stopping you from putting them in there.

Special Considerations for Aquascapes

The only consideration is that the fauna and flora you choose must be ecologically compatible with the aquascape. The risks of incompatibility are twofold: the species may damage your water garden's ecosystem, or the species itself may not be able to survive within the ecosystem.

It's a very discouraging experience to spend time and money on plants that proceed to die immediately after planting. Thus, before introducing an unusual plant or animal into your water garden, verify its compatibility before proceeding. You can usually do this easily with a knowledgeable staff person at your garden center. If the plant is compatible, go for it!

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