Artificial Areca Palm

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Wow! This One's Fast!

Most people buy artificial palms because the real thing is too slow growing. The opposite is true of the Areca palm. You are far more likely to buy an artificial Areca palm because the real thing actually grows too fast. This means that it can very quickly overpower a room. It will need frequent attention if it is to be kept within reasonable boundaries.

So, if you really don't have too much time, but just love the look of the Areca palm, an artificial Areca palm is what you should be looking for. Also known as the butterfly palm, the Areca palm is adaptable, but needs to be fed often. In fact, the Areca palm's nutritional requirements can be another bother, and are another reason why you'd be wise to go for an artificial Areca palm.

An Artificial Areca Palm Won't Swallow the Living Room!

The real thing can grow to 20 feet, and can have many, many clusters. This means that if you don't watch out you'll be in danger of it swallowing your living room whole! If you know nothing about the cultivation of plants, the Areca palm is probably not for you.

Well, the real one anyway. An artificial Areca palm is still stunningly beautiful, but it won't give you any of these problems. You won't have to thing about pruning it, or repotting it. So you can relax and enjoy the scenery with your artificial Areca palm all year round!

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