Artificial Coconut Palm

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Artificial Coconut Palm--Real Paradise

Perhaps the ultimate symbol of tropical bliss, the coconut palm brings to mind balmy breezes and sun-kissed beaches. It is also sometimes known as a coco palm for short. If the idea of having your very own coconut palm at home appeals to you, you'll take our advice and get an artificial coconut palm instead of the real thing!

You can use the artificial coconut palm indoors or out, providing you make sure that you're buying a quality artificial specimen that will be able to stand up to outside conditions. An artificial coconut palm might be just the thing to set the stage for your next pool party! Then again, several might do the job better.

Don't Mix Your Palms!

Generally, although you can mix other types of foliage in with it, an artificial coconut palm does not mix well with other types of tall palm such as the date palm. As in real life you would not find these palms mixed together, if you want to create even a semi-authentic setting, you'll want to keep to one type or the other. The tall artificial coconut palm can also serve as more than just an ornament for your garden or home.

In an outside setting, these tall palms are useful for draping lighting arrangements. They can look magical at night, all lit up with outdoor fairy lights of your choice. Of course you'll probably need more than one artificial coconut palm for such a display.

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