Artificial Kentia Palm

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Have Your Mind Set on a Kentia Palm?

Kentia palms, sometimes known as Howea palms, are exceedingly beautiful and very popular in interior decorating schemes. Trouble is, they're very expensive and very slow growing. So it's not practical to buy a small one and wait for it to grow. If you want to see an immediate effect, it will cost you plenty!

So the obvious answer it to buy an artificial Kentia palm. They can look very convincing. In fact, nowadays many species of artificial palm are very difficult to tell apart from the real thing. As well as being relatively inexpensive, an artificial Kentia palm will not succumb to the pests that commonly make a meal of Kentia palms, such as red spider mite or soft bodied scale.

Benefits of an Artificial Kentia Palm

Many of us don't have time for such indoor plant emergencies nowadays. So we'll all opt for the artificial Kentia palm over the real thing any time! Just think, you could buy several artificial Kentia palms for the price of that one, costly real Kentia palm, that could easily die on you any time anyway!

So, if you can't be bothered with getting the soil mix and watering schedule just right for this fastidious palm, you'll be joining the long list of satisfied customers that have decided on an artificial Kentia palm. Or you may even decide to buy several of them to bring your decorating scheme to life. You'll find you made a good, practical decision. No more watering, and no more disappointments!

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