Artificial Phoenix Palm

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Pygmy Date Palm

The Phoenix palm is also known as a pygmy date palm, because it doesn't just have a resemblance to that specimen; it is a miniature date palm! This particular type of palm is perfect for the smaller spaces. If your home needs that certain atmosphere that only plants can give, yet you're pushed for space, an artificial Phoenix palm will be just the thing.

With many feathery fronds, the artificial Phoenix palm will look great wherever you decide to place it. For added effect you can always group them, or dot several around a larger room. As long as it's not going to be under direct water, you could put an artificial Phoenix palm in your bathroom. It's not too big to be intrusive, but it is big on style!

Buy Only the Best Artificial Phoenix Palm

Do make sure you buy a quality artificial Phoenix palm though. As only quality will give you the long lasting looks you need. Think about buying different sized of artificial Phoenix palm. One with a long trunk (you can buy them up to about six feet tall), and some shorter ones will look particularly stunning together.

As with all artificial plants, the artificial Phoenix palm will not only look great in your home or office, it will free you from the responsibilities that come with real plants. It won't need watering, it won't need repotting, and most of all, it won't get sick and die on you! It will just look serene and beautiful, no matter what the weather, and no matter how long you've been away!

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