Written by Rachel Arieff
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Biofalls is the registered name of a biological filter used in man-made waterfalls for the backyard. These filters are special because they actually employ beneficial bacteria inside the filter to clean the water, rather than toxic chemicals that can damage the environment. Best of all, when used with skimmer pre-filters, Biofalls filters only need to be cleaned once a year. This frees up your time to actually relax and enjoy your waterfall as you should.

Biofalls filters act as a base for the waterfall. From there, you can let your creativity and design sense dictate how your waterfall should be. For instance, you can place your Biofalls module at a raised point to create a more dramatic water drop, like a mini Niagara Falls. You can also do the opposite: embed the Biofalls unit in the ground, and you've got a stream instead of a waterfall. With more than one Biofalls unit, you can have it both ways, creating variety and drama all within your backyard.

Biofalls Camouflage

Biofalls filters also are designed with a built-in rock ledge. The purpose of this ledge is to camouflage your black plastic filter with rocks, fauna, even little sculptures--if it fits on the rock ledge, it can be used! Let's face it, these filters work great, but they're ugly. Hiding your filter allows your waterfall to look as natural and attractive as possible. This is borne visually when you compare the aesthetics of Biofalls waterfalls with those that are marred by an obvious filtration unit.

Biofalls filters come in a variety of sizes: mini, standard, and grande. Regardless of size, each Biofalls filter comes with a complete waterfall kit, including a filtration mat, a support rack, and a media net. Each of these items can also be purchased separately from Biofalls retailers when replacements are needed.

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