Bird Baths

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Bird baths are wonderful garden decorations that will make your garden a showplace for your guests. We all have a favorite room in the house where we like to entertain company. For some, it might be a formal dining room. For others, it may be a living room with a fantastic entertainment center. For garden lovers, however, the showpiece of your house should be your garden!

If you have guests over for dinner, why not enjoy a glass of wine or lemonade in the garden before eating? You can take your guests outside to admire the flowers, the view, and of course, your fabulous bird baths. If have have both bird baths and bird feeders in your garden, chances are you'll be able to delight your guests with some interesting wildlife, as well.

Bird Baths and Bird Watching

Bird watching is a simple, pleasurable hobby. It's also one of the most inexpensive hobbies around. All you need is a field guide filled with pictures and descriptions of birds that are native to your area. You may eventually want to buy some binoculars if you plan to watch birds in a larger, more open area, but if you're simply watching them in your own garden, you won't even need that.

Watching animals at play is simply fascinating. I remember eating leisurely Sunday breakfasts with my family back home, watching squirrels, deer, cardinals and blue jays cavorting in the back yard. We would silently enjoy them for minutes on end. In today's hectic environment, simply sitting in your garden and admiring the birds may be your one spot of peace and calm all day. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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