Build A Waterfall

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Building a waterfall is possible with today's leading waterfall and filtration kits. One of the leaders in the market goes by the trade name Biofalls, and its claim to fame is in its all-natural, ecologically correct filtration system. This filter is preferred over other filters that rely solely on filtration media and chemicals to clean the water.

Today's conscientious homeowners tend to undergo landscaping projects with concern for their impact on the environment. Those projects that beautify, while at the same time doing no harm to the surrounding fauna and flora, are favored. For this reason, homeowners constructing a backyard waterfall or pond often choose the Biofalls system, which houses natural bacteria inside the filter body. These bacteria feed on the impurities in the water, effectively removing them from the stream. The filter then discharges pure, clean water.

Building a Waterfall with a Kit

Building a waterfall shouldn't be done without the proper materials and instructions. As in all do-it-yourself home projects, the better prepared you are, both in terms of tools and knowledge, the more pleasant the process will be, and the better your end result. Good waterfall-building kits are on the market; you can find them as home and garden centers, as well as online. These kits contain all the components you need to build a beautiful and efficiently operating waterfall.

However, an oft overlooked but crucial component to any good kit is good directions! Nothing takes away the enthusiasm for an ambitious household project faster than poorly written, unclear directions. On the other hand, the best waterfall kits contain not only written instructions, but videos or CD-ROMs as well. Having that extra audio-visual component can be extremely helpful as well as motivating.

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