Cherub Fountains

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Cherub fountains add a wonderful and whimsical touch to any garden. The sounds of running water are calming and melodious. Why not set your cherub fountains at the far end of your garden? The sound will draw you from the perimeter all the way into the deepest part of your garden. Creating attractive spaces and appealing spots at the far end of a garden is a great little trick for getting you to use all of the space more often.

After all, you're lucky to have an outdoor space of your own! Many city dwellers dream of having even a tiny patch of outdoor space to relax in and enjoy. If you are lucky enough to have space for a medium to large garden, make the most of it. Set attractive garden decorations like curved benches, cherub fountains or bird feeders in every corner of the garden. This will help you to truly utilize the entire space, and to make your garden a living, functioning space that is as vital as any of your indoor rooms.

Cherub Fountains and a Garden Project

Improving your garden can and should be an ongoing project. In addition to adding different plants and flowers and maintaining them by weeding, you can improve the space by adding lighting, furniture, and decorations. Why not get a loved one involved in this creative and fun project?

For instance, if you are a grandparent, get your grandchildren involved. Young children especially love to get their hands dirty. Older children like having a chance to make creative decisions and to work hard at a project. Children are natural do-ers, and the most memorable fun you will ever have with them will involve activity, not passivity.

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