Connecticut Landscaping Contractors

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Connecticut is known for its gorgeous, pristine landscapes. No amount of modernization has ruined the natural beauty of this New England state. This is principally because Connecticut has always valued its land, preserving and protecting it through the years from overdevelopment and exploitation. Connecticut boasts mountains, rivers, and valleys, ocean coastline, forests and farmland, making it a favorite among nature lovers.

You can even see this natural ethic reflected in the landscaping of the ordinary homeowner. Connecticut has always prized natural beauty over artificial, classics over flashy trends. As such, Connecticut landscaping has certain recurring themes: trees old and new, native grasses and plants, and building gardens over existing structures, or even ruins of partially existing structures.

About Connecticut Landscape Contractors

For instance, in Connecticut--one of the 13 original British colonies, and home to some of the earliest American architecture--it's not unusual to see landscaping incorporating old barns, foundations from long-gone houses, or masonry from an old chimney. This mixture of flora and architecture are intriguing, beautiful, and even philosophically profound. In these situations, the impermanence of humankind, juxtaposed with the timelessness of nature, may be clearly seen.

For the Connecticut homeowner seeking professional guidance on beautification projects large and small, landscaping contractors are abundant. What distinguishes good contractors from bad ones, of course, is not only know-how, but integrity. Good landscaping contractors will do a thorough analysis of your property. Then they will sit down and find out what your landscaping goals are, and determine how compatible they are with your property and budget situation. A contractor should be knowledgeable enough to offer alternatives when there is incompatibility, as well as less costly measures if you're on a budget.

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