Container Gardening For Small Spaces

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Egyptian tomb paintings dating from 1500BC illustrate lotus ponds surrounded by rows of palms and acacias. The Persians, Greeks and Romans cultivated spectacular gardens. Growing things, whether for consumption or pleasure, is in our blood. Working with soil, planting, encouraging tiny sprouts to thrive and produce blossoms, is
good for the soul.

One does not need a large space to grow something. A window ledge with a bit of natural light will support the growth of plants. Most large nurseries have a section devoted to indoor plants and can help with the selection of the right plant and the appropriate pot to put it in. All one needs is a large enough pot with proper drainage, a good prepared soil and ample light. With regular watering and a bit of fertilizer, a pot filled with greens can enhance a living space and make home feel more homey.

There are so many ways and reasons to start a container garden. Living in a small space doesn’t mean one can’t have a couple of plants, if selected wisely according to the environment they must survive in. Any window sill, deck, porch, patio, rooftop or driveway can sustain container plants. A pot of herbs which gets sufficient light can provide snippings for home-cooked meals. Pretty African Violets will bloom all Winter if cared for. A tropical outdoor plant can be brought inside when the weather turns cold, and put back out in the Spring.

Container gardening gives the gardener flexibility. Repotting can be done seasonally, to provide new color. Caring for a garden on a small scale is a creative, fulfilling task with visible rewards. It begins with a preliminary trip to the nursery and grows from there.

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