Curved Benches

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Curved benches set at the far end of your garden will entice you into using more of your outdoor space. I've noticed that many people who have gardens don't really get the most out of them. They may spend a lot of time weeding and planting. They may enjoy the garden from a solitary viewpoint, say, from a kitchen window. However, they don't spend time in their garden, simply enjoying themselves.

If you want to treat your garden as something to be lived in rather than something to be looked at, curved benches can help. They will be especially alluring if you set them near some other garden decorations, such as decorative birdfeeders or angel water fountains. When it comes to making the most of your garden, the first step is to create places where you can sit. The second step is to create something lively to admire while seated.

Curved Benches and Lighting

I'm a big fan of lighting in a garden. Whether you use hanging paper lanterns, twinkling Christmas lights, or more elaborate, hidden lighting, having soft lights will make your garden more appealing at night. Since most of us relax more during the evening than during the day, this may greatly increase the amount of time you spend unwinding in your garden.

Try setting curved benches underneath a hanging tree, gently lit with a few colorful paper lanterns. Create a new habit by making yourself visit the bench after dinner, just sitting, relaxing, and breathing in the scent of the flowers. It may take a few visits before this becomes ingrained in your mind as a possible activity, but once it has, the practice will likely enrich your life and allow you those few personal moments of peace that are often neglected otherwise.

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