Decorative Birdfeeders

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Decorative birdfeeders are perhaps the most charming of garden decorations. Water fountains are musical and lively; benches are inviting and practical. Decorative birdfeeders, however, are fascinating in their detail and charm. Some of the artists who create these distinctive birdhouses are remarkably gifted. They create tiny structures that have all the grace and beauty of a full-sized house.

Unusual Decorative Birdfeeders

Traditional feeders can be lovely, particularly when they closely match the design of your own house. My favorite decorative birdfeeders, however, are the unusual or exotic ones. For instance, a friend of mine has a birdfeeder that is actually shaped like a church, rather than a house. The clever design actually employs the steeple to dispense the seed! This eye-catching feeder features verdigris and cedar, which make for a lovely combination.

I find that children especially seem to love this feeder. I've enjoyed barbecues at my friend's house where I've seen children stare at and play around her feeder all afternoon. They keep waiting for the birds to feed from it. Of course, the kids are so noisy and playful that the birds temporarily stay away! Still, it's fun for the kids, and fun for the grownups to watch.

Other birdfeeders have an exotic, international feel. One of the most magnificent birdhouses I ever saw was a miniature Japanese dojo. It was obviously hand-made by a really gifted artist. This would be a perfect addition near a tranquility rock garden or fountain.

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