Executive Landscaping

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Landscaping for professional spaces differs from home landscaping. While home landscaping schemes can reflect every whim of personal taste, executive landscaping schemes tend to be more dignified and professional in appearance. Wild combinations of flowers, plants, and statues may be great for a house in your neighborhood, but in a professional situation the landscaping must reflect the tone of the organization, not distract from it.

This, however, doesn't necessarily mean that executive landscaping must be somber or boring. In fact, this is the number one error of most organizations. They might think that landscaping must be dull and monotonous to look professional, or maybe they have never given it much thought at all. Perhaps they're simply following through on a years- or even decades-old landscaping plan. However, dreary landscaping actually has the opposite of its intended anesthetizing effect, calling attention to itself in a most negative manner.

Environment and Productivity

It's been found that employees perform better in calm, enjoyable environments than drab or tedious ones. Happy employees make productive employees. When people's senses are stimulated in a positive way, they become psychologically "up" and their creative faculties function better. On the other hand, if you put people in a depressing environment, they will tend to shut down emotionally, becoming mentally sluggish as well.

Thus you can see that when it comes to landscaping for professional spaces, there's more to it than meets the eye. Today's knowledgeable landscaping consultants have studied these issues in depth. They can help your organization come up with a landscaping scheme that reflects the company's professional identity, while being a source of enjoyment for the individuals concerned.

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