Garden Cherubs

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Beautifying your garden, your house and your garage will make you feel as if you're more at home. It doesn't matter if you've lived in your house for two years or for 20. Once you put effort into sanding a table, weeding a garden or painting a fence, you have a special relationship to that object or place. Personal attention and work creates a personal relationship.

If you beautify your garden with hard work, smart choices, and elegant touches, you'll feel not only like it's a magical spot, but that it's a magical spot all your own. The wonderful thing about gardens is that you can improve them slowly over time. Unlike a living room or dining room, that you essentially need to furnish all at once in order to live normally, a garden can be transformed patiently. For this reason, I strongly suggest gardeners buy the best quality garden decorations they can find. If you buy inexpensive, poorly made items, you'll have to replace them frequently. If you buy top-notch items made of the best materials, you can concentrate on improving your garden over time, rather than just maintaining it.

The Best Quality Garden Cherubs
Garden cherubs are very popular garden decor. They have a timeless appeal. You don't have to worry about your garden cherubs going out of style next year. These items are so classic and timeless, they may actually give you the sense that you're in 17th century France or 16th century Italy.

Look for beautifully designed garden cherubs, angels and other statues, made of the highest quality materials. I highly recommend fiberstone. Fiberstone, a fiberglass, sand and stone amalgam, looks like aged stone, but is lighter and more durable than concrete. You can easily transport the material from spot to spot in your garden, without fear of straining your back or breaking the statue.

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