Garden Hose Holders

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Some of the same decorating rules apply to your outdoor spaces that apply to your indoor spaces. The golden rule, of course, is a place for everything and everything in its place. Unless you have a space to neatly store an item, or a place to attractively display it, then you shouldn't have that item.

Garden Hose Holders to Avoid Clutter

In your interiors, this means that items like your lotions, cotton swabs and medicines should be stored in your medicine chest. In your exteriors, it means that unsightly items like garden hoses should be neatly tucked into pretty garden hose holders. If you create attractive and neat spaces for all the clutter in your life, your interiors and your exteriors will be so much cleaner, brighter and more inviting.

An acquaintance of mine recently spent a lot of money to have a feng shui expert and interior designer assess her Manhattan loft. She couldn't wait to hear the guru's take on her living quarters, and his brilliant advice for how to improve them. The interior designer entered the loft, took one quick look around the place, and offered only this advice: you should clean your dirty dishes.

My acquaintance was furious, of course, but I think the designer gave her great advice. Before you can admire the teak and chrome sink, you've got to clear away the dirty dishes. Before you admire the marble garden cherubs and bountiful rose bushes, you have to wind up and put away that ugly old hose. Tuck your hose into a garden hose holder, store your sprinkler out of sight, and keep your bags of fertilizer out of sight in the garage.

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