Garden Planters

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Garden planters can successfully tie the look of your garden into the look of your house. If you have fabulous landscaping, why not use planters to take some of that color and life up onto the second story of your home? Planters can attach to your house's exterior in much the same way sconces would attach. This can take the look of your home to a whole new level.

Garden planters can be very subtle. Guests admiring your home might not even notice that you have planters placed next to windows on either side of the house. They may not notice this detail, but they'll certainly notice the feeling of prosperity, abundance and bounty that planters create. Touches like window boxes and planters can be just as powerful as shutters, trim or stained glass when creating a rich exterior.

Garden Planters as Gifts

Planters make fabulous housewarming gifts. For the person who loves decorating, they can be terrific gifts for anytime. You can give planters as housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or holiday gifts.

Remember, you can give planters that attach to the walls, or freestanding planters which are placed on the ground. For a great quality present, look for the best materials. The planters should be made of fiberstone, rather than concrete. Fiberstone is an amalgam of fiberglass, sand and stone. It is very durable and lightweight, with the beautiful look of wonderful, old stone.

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