Garden Shed Designs

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There is an exciting array of different garden shed designs available today. Forget those old corrugated metal sheds. Today, custom-built garden sheds can be fancier than their owners' main houses. And, they can contain enough room to double as a gardening work center for the avid home gardener.

If you search the Internet for garden shed designs, you can find many whimsical interpretations out there. These beautifully designed garden sheds look like tiny houses out of a fairy tale, especially when they are situated in the center of a garden lush with flowers. Vinyl sheds can blend with your home beautifully.

But their outward beauty doesn't mean that these sheds aren't functional. The interior is generally just as well thought-out, so that you can arrange potting benches, shelving, or hanging racks--a place for every garden tool imaginable. However, this doesn't mean that a few of these garden sheds don't double as outdoor recreation rooms. Who could resist having a tea party out in the garden?

Beauty and Function--Together Again

As with any shed, there are a few points to keep in mind before you have one built (or build it yourself) in the backyard. Neighborhood associations and preservation societies have strict by-laws regarding detached structures. And you will probably need a building permit. With all the garden shed designs available, there could be one other problem--your shed could get more attention than the garden.

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