Garden Shed Kits

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Having a garden shed is the secret dream of many avid gardeners. It's much more convenient to have a specific place to keep garden tools safe and organized, right out in the backyard--instead of tossing them in the garage, where they get treated like second-class citizens. And a garden shed can be much more than an outside closet. Many sheds double as work areas, with a work table to repot plants or start seeds. It can be a gardener's private space where they can concentrate on working the soil--not wondering where their gloves got to.

But building a garden shed can seem like a big project, especially if you have few carpentry skills. And it makes no sense to go out and purchase saws and hammers for just one project. That's why many gardeners are making their dreams come true with a garden shed kit.

A shed made from a kit doesn't have to be the impersonal blank box many fear. Shed kits can be just as beautifully designed as one made from a plan. Popular designs include barns, saltboxes, or log cabins. You can choose from traditional wooden kits, or the latest innovations in plastic or vinyl.

Grow a Garden Shed in One Afternoon

For many people, the best part about assembling a garden shed from a kit is that it's so quick and simple. Everything you need--aside from a few common household tools--is right in the box, ready to snap together. All sheds should be placed on level ground. If you're interested in a sturdy base for your shed, many sheds have optional foundation kits available. You can find garden shed kits online or at your favorite home and garden store.

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