Garden Sundials

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Garden sundials are not only beautiful, but fascinating. If you are the parent or grandparent of young children, they will be particularly intrigued by the sundial and its workings. What a wonderful lesson in the changing face of technology: your six-year old will be simply amazed that there was life before digital alarm clocks!

Garden Sundials and Cast Aluminum

When it comes to garden decorations, it's so important to buy quality materials. After all, these items are going to live outdoors in the pouring rain, beating sun, and heavy snow. Benches, birdhouses, water fountains and sundials need to be durable if they are going to retain their beauty in the outdoors.

I recommend buying sundials made of cast aluminum. This quality material can be finished in bronze for a timeless and beautiful look. Heavier items should be made of fiberstone, an amalgam of fiberglass, stone and sand. Wooden items should be made of cypress or cedar. Details should be in copper or verdigris, or hand-cast aluminum made to look like bronze.

Get creative with your garden decorations! Sundials aren't just for the garden, you know. You can set one on your patio near the outdoor dining table. You can set one on your front porch. You can even use twin sundials to flank an entrance, like the entrance to a walkway, driveway, front door, or garden path.

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