Garden Urns

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Garden urns can add formality and timelessness to your garden. If you'd like your outdoor garden to look more impressive or more stately, consider adding garden urns. Urns look particularly elegant when displayed in pairs. Symmetry and multiplicity bring out the ancient aesthetic of garden urns.

You can also play up this ancient look by choosing the right finish. For instance, you can buy a gothic urn and have it finished in a mossy-looking jade, a warm-looking rust, or a formidable stone. When buying a series of garden decorations, consider sticking with one finish, or mixing and matching a couple of different finishes. A rust bench can look fabulous next to a stone urn, but if you mix too many contrasting colors, you'll end up with a garden that looks like it was outfitted from a junk store. Combine terra cotta with jade and rust, and your garden will become a mess.

Garden Urns for Public Spaces

Urns are wonderful in private gardens, but they're also very popular for public spaces. They're a particularly attractive way to deal with cigarette butts. Many restaurants set a large urn outside their front doors. It's much better to have smokers toss their butts into a sand-filled urn than to have them litter the ground in front of the restaurant with their cigarettes.

The best place to find a variety of quality urns is online. You'll be able to find great value and quality with ease and convenience. Make sure you choose top-notch materials so that your purchase will be an investment rather than a maintenance problem.

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