Garden Water Fountains

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Selecting and setting up garden water fountains in your back yard or garden can be a wonderful project to enjoy with a loved one. For instance, if you have nieces and nephews or grandchildren visiting you this summer, you may want to engage their help to set up a fountain. Kids really enjoy work when it's project-oriented. As much as they may hate the drudgery of setting the table every night, they'll likely love the novelty of setting up a fountain.

Picking and deploying garden water fountains can even be a very enjoyable activity to share with your spouse. I've noticed that people sometimes have the most fun when they are engaged in an activity. If your marriage is dominated by passive habits, like watching television, try mixing things up by tackling a project together.

Garden Water Fountains and a Sense of Ownership

Once you have worked on an object or a place, you feel differently toward it. I have a friend who does a lot of handiwork. It was telling him how much fun I had sanding and refinishing my dining room table. He told me that I'll never look at that table the same way again, now that I've worked on it. Once you have put work into something, you have a greater affection and feeling of ownership for it.

The same is true of a garden or outdoor area. If you spend a little time working on your garden or your back patio, I guarantee you'll spend more time using it. You won't use it more often just because it's a more attractive and pleasant place to be--you'll use it more often because you'll feel that you've made it your own. Work on your garden with your spouse, and you may end up with the feeling that your garden is your special place to be together, in activity and in leisure.

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