Gardening Advice

Written by Sarah Provost
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Gardening is fast becoming the hobby of choice for Americans. As more and more people take up this incredibly satisfying activity, the market for gardening advice is also burgeoning. Books, magazines, TV shows and the Internet all offer advice, ranging from simple instructions for beginners to more complex information for the experienced gardener.

Gardening books range from huge, information-laden tomes that discuss all aspects of gardening in all climates, to books on one specific topic, such as growing herbs, planting spring bulbs or shaping bonsai. Many lifestyle magazines have a gardening article in each issue, and again, there are also specialized magazines available.

Advice from the Internet

There are innumerable websites dedicated to gardening advice. Government agencies post information, and you can get advice about your particular growing zone by checking local government sites. The large seed companies and nurseries usually have features offering information on their sites. If you have a specific question, search by keyword. And don't neglect the sites run by individuals who have found professional success as gardeners--these often have the best and most relevant gardening advice.

Another excellent resource, particularly if you are looking for the answer to a specific question, is your County Extension office. I've found these people to be very well informed and eager to help. Their phone number will be listed in the front of your directory under "government offices."

One of the most enjoyable ways to get good gardening advice is to take a walk around your neighborhood and see who has a good garden! Go back until you can find the gardener outdoors. Most amateur gardeners love to help beginners, and I've even had people press some extra plants on me as well. There's also the wonderful side effect of making a new friend.

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