Gardening Gifts

Written by Sarah Provost
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If you have an avid gardener on your gift list, you've got it made. There is no end to the gifts you can give, at any season of the year. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Gifts that Grow

Plants, plants and more plants--no gardener ever has enough. If the gift-giving occasion is in the spring or early summer, garden centers are full of possibilities. A rosebush, a hydrangea, or a basket full of small perennials would be very welcome. In the fall, chrysanthemums and asters provide a last burst of color, and bulbs for spring plants such as daffodils, tulips and crocus will bring gratitude twice, when they're given and when they bloom. In the winter, consider giving a gift certificate to one of the large seed companies. The happy hours spent choosing will add to your gardener's delight.

Quality garden tools such as trowels, hand cultivators, rakes and hoes are also always welcome. For an older gardener, tools with extendable handles or kneelers with handles to help you rise would be thoughtful gifts. Gardening gloves and special soaps can be pretty gifts on their own or tucked in with others.

The best gift of all, of course, is the gift of labor. If circumstances permit, a gift certificate for a couple of hours preparing the soil in the spring or putting the garden to bed in the fall would be greatly appreciated. This is an especially thoughtful gift for an older gardener, but any busy person will love it. For the beginning gardener or a gardener who isn't having the best of luck, it might be worthwhile to look for books that reveal gardening secrets. Sometimes a book like this is all it takes to bring the inspiration back to a gardener's life!

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