Gardening Ideas

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are many excellent sources for gardening ideas. You might find inspiration for a shade garden from a magazine, or instructions for growing vegetables hydroponically at the library. Strolling aimlessly through the garden center could lead you to discover a plant you'd never seen before, and walking around your neighborhood might give you the idea of planting purple agapanthus with yellow daylilies.

The Internet Is a Wonderful Source of Ideas

Browsing the many gardening sites available online is one of the best ways to get new ideas. This year, I've been inspired to try square foot gardening, after reading a site on the subject. It sounds like a wonderful way to grow a lot in just a little space.

Your research on the Web might lead you to consider new ways of preparing your soil, or inspire you to start your plants from seed this time instead of buying them at the nursery. Maybe you never really considered a grape arbor until you happened on a site and saw a picture of a backyard in Cleveland that looked like Provence. Another great resource you can find online are books for purchase that have been written professional gardeners--ordinary people who love gardening so much that they've made more than a hobby out of it. Oftentimes, such gardeners will publish books that detail exactly how they made their gardens successful, and allowing you to do the same.

While you're online, you may find ideas for new and exciting types of gardens. Have you ever heard of a moon garden? It's an Asian technique that involves planting white flowers mixed with dark, bright colors. White impatiens, for example, might underlie deep rose geraniums. At night, under the moonlight, the darker colors disappear, the smaller white flowers come to the foreground, and the whole area appears to change shape. I found this concept online, and I fully intend to have a moon garden one day soon.

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