Home Gardening

Written by Sarah Provost
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A home garden fulfills a lot of different purposes. It can provide you and your family with fresh, delicious produce and flowers for your table. It adds to the beauty of your surroundings and increases the value of your home. The process of gardening gives you enjoyable exercise and fresh air, and seeing the results of your labors gives you a great sense of satisfaction.

The Arts of Gardening

Gardening also feeds your soul, by supplying you with an affordable, enjoyable art that anyone can master. Make no mistake: gardening is an art, and one that combines elements of many other arts. The most obvious, of course, is the use of color. It's no accident that Monet was an avid gardener. When you plant bright purple grape hyacinth among your red and yellow tulips, or edge your tomato patch with yellow marigolds, you are playing with color as much as any painter.

Taking the scale, proportion, texture and form of your plantings into account uses the same skills as those of a sculptor. Gardens even partake of the element of time, as do music and dance. Especially with a perennial border, paying attention to blooming seasons is crucial to good garden design.

A good perennial border will "dance" through the seasons. Start with the yellows and lavenders of earliest spring, in crocuses, forsythia and pansies. Then come the bright primary colors of late spring tulips, poppies and columbines. The summer garden has infinite variety to offer, then subsides into the deep reds and golds of autumn. In four-season climates, your attention returns in winter to shapes and sizes rather than color. . .until the new spring seed catalogs come.

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