Home Improvement Contractors

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Home improvement contractors are crucial to the successful development of your home. The more time we spend in our home, the more we see ways to fix, enhance, alter and improve it. Part of the great pleasure of owning one's own home is the ability to make changes to it, from superficial ones to fundamental structural alterations. Contractors play a crucial part in the planning and final outcome of these changes.

Yet as a group, contractors have a reputation almost as bad as that of lawyers. If you do a Google search on home improvement contractors, you'll find that many of the top listings are for websites dealing with violations, deceptive practices, and customer complaints. This is due in part to the great demand for home improvement contractors, the complexity of the work, and most people's lack of knowledge regarding home improvements.

Hiring Home Improvement Contractors

Like hiring a mechanic when you don't know a thing about cars, it's hard for most of us to know if a contractor is capable or incompetent, honest or a rip-off artist. One way to find good contractors, though, is to avoid doing business with unregistered contractors. Using the Internet, you can find government websites that provide lists of home improvement contractors who are registered with your state.

State-registered contractors are subject to certain business and safety standards that protect consumers. Government websites also include databases of contractors who have had complaints filed against them, as well as lists of contractor practices that violate state contractor laws. Finally, the Better Business Bureau is another great resource to find both registered contractors and those who have had actions taken against them.

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