Home Putting Greens

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Home putting greens bring the golf course, or at least part of it, to your own back yard. Millions of people enjoy the fun and relaxation that this increasingly popular sport offers. Though golf is quite social, with a leisurely pace to allow conversation among players, it can also be enjoyed in solitude. In fact, many people find putting to be a calming and even meditative practice, especially after a hard day's work.

For this reason, backyard putting greens are becoming more of a common fixture these days. You don't need to have an enormous sized property for a decent putting green; in fact, home putting greens come in various sizes and shapes for just this reason. Neither are putting greens solely for the wealthy. Today, home versions of putting greens can be installed relatively cheaply through kits that you put together yourself.

Home Putting Green Kits

Putting green kits come with detailed instructions that often include a video or CD-ROM as well. The video component is a nice improvement on traditional written booklets. It's a fact that most people respond better to realistic audio-visual instruction rather than the written word. Plus, you can see for yourself what a real putting green should look like at the end of the process.

Should you have any lingering problems or questions during the installation process, your instructions will often include a customer service number that you can call for live help. Of course, for those people who would like a home putting green but don't wish to install it themselves, professional installation services are available for just this purpose.

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