Landscape Lighting

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Landscape lighting illuminates for nighttime enjoyment the beautiful plants and flowers that you admire during the day. If you've just put in a new landscape design, there's no reason you shouldn't get full enjoyment out of it, no matter what time of the day. If you've installed walkways or benches in your garden, nighttime lighting allows you to experience it up close even after the sun goes down.

Landscape lighting is especially nice to have during holidays when you get together with friends and family. Even if your garden is covered with snow and ice in the winter, evening lights illuminate a beautiful and romantic winter scene. During outdoor parties in the summertime, landscape lighting adds a riot of color, giving your guests a beautiful sight to admire. Lighting up your gardens encourages full use of your yard for more hours during the day.

Other Kinds of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting doesn't just include garden illumination, but deck, wall, and paver lighting as well. Deck lighting can be hung over your patio or deck; however, it can also be installed in a more sophisticated fashion directly into the wood. The steps, rails and posts of your deck can contain lights, which are neatly contained in holes drilled into the wood.

Wall lights are designed for installation directly into garden walls. These are landscape lights that, once again, are more efficient and interesting looking than lampposts or hung lights. A row of wall lights, evenly spaced, gives your garden a serene glow at night. Finally, paver lights installed along walkways illuminate paths for safe and pleasant evening strolls.

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