Lion Head Fountains

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you beautify your outdoor area, you will most likely use it more often. The secret to creating beautiful gardens, patios and decks is to treat them like the rooms inside your house. Decorate them in such a way that there is always a comfortable place to sit, a good view, and a place to set down your drink or your book. Once you have the skeleton of your outdoor area in place, fill it with beautiful garden decorations, like lion head fountains.

Creating an Outdoor Room with Lion Head Fountains

Let's compare the building of a garden to the building of a living room. If you want the living room to be used to its maximum potential, you'll need to divide it into separate areas. The same is true for a garden. In a living room, these disparate areas may include a place to sit and talk, a place to watch television, and an area to read. Each of these mini-rooms within the larger room should be decorated with art or objects that play up this separation.

The same is true for a garden. You can create an area to sit by adding a bench. Beautify it by adding decorative birdhouses or wind chimes. Create a path to reach this bench, and decorate it with interesting items like lion head fountains. Add a small table and a couple of chairs, and you even have a spot to dine. Now, even a small garden is as appealing as a cozy indoor room.

Make your garden useable, and you will use it more often. Spending time outdoors will refresh and calm you. Breathe in the oxygen-rich air. Relax your nerves by admiring the sunset, breathing in the scent of the flowers, or watching the birds at play. The more time you spend in your garden, the happier and healthier you can be.

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