Micro Skim Pond Skimmer

Written by Rachel Arieff
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The MicroSkim pond skimmer is a specialized system designed for backyard pond pumps ranging in capacity from 500 to 2,000 gallons per hour. The MicroSkim package includes four filter brushes, a debris net, a skimmer weir door, and both barbed and slip fittings to work with two kinds of lids. The MicroSkim system also includes "fish-safe" hardware, silicone and liners. This is very important if you have fish in your pond, for the little critters can ultimately do a lot of damage to a standard skimming system.

Why use a skimmer in the first place? Skimmers perform a variety of functions, all of which end up benefiting your pond in the long run. For one, good skimmers will eliminate much maintenance hassle for you. They do a lot of the work that you would have otherwise ended up doing to keep your pond in good running order: for instance, removing debris before it has a chance to sink to the bottom, where you would have to fish it out.

More about Pond Skimmers

Pond skimmers also increase your options for pond placement. Without a skimming system, you would have to be very careful to avoid building your pond underneath trees, next to bushes, or near anything that creates debris that could end up in your pond. A good skimmer, on the other hand, allows you to situate your pond anywhere you like. Whatever falls into the pond, the skimmer will handle it. Pond skimmers also have a built-in system of overflow protection that regulates water height and prevents erosion.

The price of a complete MicroSkim package can vary depending on where you buy it and what model it is. You can usually find MicroSkim units at larger home and garden retailers, yard specialty stores, and on the Internet from online retailers. To save money, some people look for used MicroSkim packages. Beware, however, that for the money you save, you may end up with an old or defective unit for which you have no warranty or recourse.

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Water Gardening Tips

If you are having troubles with your skimmer -- you can temporarily perform large water changes to improve the water quality of the pond.

Also consider adding a significant amount of pond plants such as water lilies, floaters, and some marginals. About a 70% coverage rate will allow for clear water.