Nursery Pro

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Nursery Pro is the brand name for a variety of pond, waterfall and fountain pumps. Your pond is a real, living ecosystem, and the pump is akin to its heart. If the pump doesn't perform its important function of circulating the water, removing wastes and returning fresh, clean water to the pond, the pond would quickly become stagnant and die. This doesn't just apply to fish-filled ponds, either. It is true for any pond, for all ponds contain huge amounts of microorganisms and plant life.

In a pond without a pump, bacteria and algae multiply at a rapid rate. Soon they overtake the pond, consuming all the oxygen and causing a putrid odor. You can clearly witness this in some ponds, whether natural or man-made, with a velvety green coating of algae on the surface that's so thick, it obscures the water completely. In ponds such as these, the fish and all other underwater creatures are gradually suffocated by the overabundance of oxygen-consuming algae.

How Do Pumps Work?

Pumps work by first circulating the pond water through a skimmer. The skimmer is a preliminary filtering device that removes large pieces of debris from the water. It's important to have a skimmer, for without one, debris can enter the pump and damage or even destroy the mechanisms inside. Think of a skimmer as not only a garbage filter, but also as a pump protector.

Once the water travels through the skimmer, the pump then pushes it through a series of filter mats. Filter mats are the real core of the water-cleaning process. Each time that water passes through the filtration media--which can be comprised of synthetic materials or natural materials such as barley fiber--tiny impurities get trapped in the filters and thus are removed from the water supply. A good pump and filtering system eliminates the need to treat the pond with chemical purifiers, offering an ecologically healthy environment in which fish, frogs, and birds can safely live.

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