Outdoor Rubbermaid Sheds

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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People enjoy the great outdoors--camping, barbecues, gardening, sports--the list goes on and on. But the outdoor equipment--tents, charcoal, yard tools, croquet mallets--don't appreciate being left to the mercy of the elements. And space might be tight in the garage or basement. One solution? The tough outdoor sheds manufactured by Rubbermaid and other companies.

Vinyl outdoor sheds are made of durable resin. This polyethylene and polypropylene plastic can stand up to the wettest falls and coldest winters. It never needs painting, and it will never rot or rust. The nonstick surface of the resin is so easy to clean, you can wash it off with the hose. And all vinyl outdoor sheds are extremely weather-resistant, which means no water dripping inside.

One thing to look for in quality sheds are pitched roofs that are designed to "shrug off" rain and snow. That way, there's no heavy snow bank crouched on the roof trying to melt its way inside. Your shed should be tested by the manufacturer to withstand heavy snow loads.

Outdoor Sheds for Extreme Weather Conditions

If you have a lot of tools or other outdoor equipment, you probably spent a lot of money on it. You want your gear to last season after season. Protect your investment with careful storage throughout the year--outdoor sheds seal in the safety of your equipment by blocking out the elements with unbeatable construction and design.

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